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Our drilling rigs have two truck arrangements, one for rig unit and second to carry the compressor.

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Our water Borehole drilling service involves drilling and casing a hole to access groundwater. We have two broad classes of water Borehole drilling, shallow (unconfined) wells completed within the uppermost saturated aquifer at that location and deep (confined) wells sunk through an impermeable stratum into an aquifer beneath.
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Samson Gilbert Nota

Mt Pleasant, Harare

👏👏 It is with great pleasure that I recommend Wigatap borehole drilling Zim as the best borehole drilling company, they had the best customer service. Thank you Team Wigatap borehole drilling Zim

Evangelist Debra


The guys are so professional and polite. I had experienced nasty companies twice and lost money along the way. Wigatap left me with satisfaction. Thank you from their manager to the guys who came to my house.

Tariro Coffee


Had a wonderful experience. I had contacted other companies at first (not names), but they advised me that my site had no water. Then Wigatap arrived and set with their machines that gave me confidence.


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When thinking of starting a borehole drilling project in whatever part of Zimbabwe, the cost of having it done will most definitely be among the first things you will consider so that you can prepare a budget to facilitate the activity. The truth is that such a cost will depend on other factors as well. The total cost of borehole drilling at Wigatap will depend on factors. You can read more about the steps on this article.

Being a long-term investment, how long a well will last can depend on many factors. If taken good care of, a good borehole dug by Wigatap Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe can last through generations. Additionally, the duration before the borehole runs dry may depend on the availability and sustainability of the underground water levels and amounts.

The good thing is that the best service providers will always have a hydro-geologist, who is an expert that determines the water table levels in an area long before a borehole drilling project begins. Most of these specialists are so good at their job that rarely does a borehole drilling project fail to produce water. However, it is important to be advised that some wells may require renovation for them to last long.

The first step is a Geological survey accesses the geographical landscape and composition of your ground and ascertains the location and depth at which the water drilling should take place. You can read more about the steps on this article.

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